Adaptation and Resilience Steering Group

The Adaptation and Resilience Steering Group meet to help steer the delivery of the Scottish Forestry Strategy Objective to ‘Improve the resilience of Scotland’s forests and woodlands and increase their contribution to a healthy and high quality environment’ and the Key Scottish Forestry Strategy Priority of ‘Increasing the adaptability and resilience of forests and woodlands’.

This is achieved by the members:

  • providing insight into the risk, barriers being faced and opportunities being undertaken and considered in their field of expertise in relation to climate change adaptation and resilience
  • identifying gaps in existing skills, experience, knowledge and research
  • providing advice, oversight and strategic direction
  • supporting the development of any outputs 

The membership covers a broad range of interests from across the forestry sector. 

How often does the group meet?

The group first met in August 2023 and meets quarterly.  

Terms of Reference

Meeting notes