SET Minutes - 30 August 2022

SET Minutes - 30 August 2022
Senior Executive Team (SET) minutes for 30 August 2022.

The minutes of the Senior Executive Team (SET) for 30 August 2022. Matters discussed:

  • Minutes and actions of previous meeting
  • Update on People Survey Action Plan, Marelle Dalziel
  • Supporting STEM Ambassadors in SF, Helen McKay 
  • Report from the Future Working Group, Rachel Martin
  • Standing Item: Budget and Staffing Information
  • Standing Item: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Standing Item: Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Brendan Callaghan
  • Building Forest Resilience: paper for September National Stakeholder Group, Alan Hampson and Helen Sellars
  • Update of FGS Enhancements project arrangements, Alan Hampson and Neil Murray
  • AOB

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