Scotland's Forestry Strategy: Progress Report 2019-2022

Scotland's Forestry Strategy: Progress Report 2019-2022

Scotland’s Forestry Strategy 2019-2029: Parliamentary progress report 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2022.

This report includes the actions set out in the Implementation Plan 2020-2022, and marks an important milestone since the devolution of forestry - setting out the first steps that we and our partners have taken to realise the Strategy’s 50-year vision; to expand our forests and woodlands and increase the benefits they deliver to Scotland’s people now and into the future.

Scottish Forestry continues to be a growing success story, despite the multiple challenges we have experienced in this period, including the:

  • impacts of Covid-19
  • deep and ongoing economic harm of Brexit
  • damage inflicted by extreme weather events such as Storm Arwen

As a score card, the report says significant progress has been made, but it also signals that we must not rest on our laurels.

Sustainably created and managed woodlands can deliver a host of benefits for Scotland. We need to continue to build and maintain strong partnerships with many land use sectors if we are to realise the full scale and range of these benefits.

Central to this is ensuring that we create woodlands with the right tree in the right place, and for the right reasons.

Report contents include:

  1. Introduction (page 4)
  2. Progress (page 5)
  3. Delivery and funding (page 10)
  4. Reviewing the Forestry Strategy (page 11)
  5. Continued delivery (page 11)
  • Annex 1: Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018 (page 13)
  • Annex 2: Key Scottish delivery partners (page 14)
  • Annex 3: Implementation Plan 2020-2022 key actions (page 15)

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