Small Scale Wood Processing

Green Oak in Construction

This document attempts to set out the methods by which green oak can be successfully used in construction.

Growing Birch in Scotland for Higher Quality Timber

The aim of this report is to collate and review published and unpublished information regarding the planting and management of birch in order to produce the higher quality grades of timber plus a summary of the end-uses, products and marketing considerations relevant to this type of material.

Landscape of the small-medium sawmilling sector in Scotland - 2022

The aim of this report, by 4c Engineering, is to:

  • better understand the landscape of small and medium sized sawmilling enterprises (SMSEs) in Scotland
  • review the background statistics
  • develop an improved estimate of the size and impact of the sector
  • to hear directly from SMSEs on the context, challenges and opportunities within which they are operating

Landscape of the small-medium scale sawmilling sector - Appendix C: list of small to medium static and mobile/chainsaw sawmills in Scotland - 2022

This document, produced by 4c Engineering, lists small to medium static sawmills and mobile/chainsaw sawmills in Scotland.

Making the Grade: A Guide to Appearance Grading UK Grown Hardwood Timber

The aim of this guide is to encourage greater use of UK grown hardwoods.

Shake in Oak: An Evidence Review

The purpose of this report is to collate evidence on the factors whch contribute to shake development, assess its relative strength and provide, where possible, recommendations for managers.

Small and Mini Harvesting and Extraction Machinery: A Guide to their Selection for Safety

This report offers forestry managers, supervisors, advisors, contractors and operators, information and advice on a range of small and mini-scale forest machinery.