Branching Out: Greenspace on Referral

Branching Out: Greenspace on Referral

This document provides an outline of the Branching Out project and covers the objectives, actions, achievements and the evaluation results for the project.

Green environments are good for us, they facilitate physically active recreation, and help treat a range of mental health problems. Recognising this potential, Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) is working to explore the influence that exposure to woodlands and greenspace has on flourishing mental health. It appears that people who use or live near green environments, including woodlands, are in general healthier and more active than those who do not. A correlation has also been found between people’s happiness and the presence of accessible, green, safe, pleasant places in which to walk and relax (Equally Well 2008). This has lead to those in health improvement asking “can green environments be used to help treat a range of health problems?”

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