Historic Environment

Archaeological Measured Survey on Scotland's National Forest Estate

This fully illustrated archaeological booklet presents the results of recent archaeological measured survey work across Scotland’s National Forest Estate. The publication aims to showcase the range of work that we commission – and to highlight the benefits of such surveys in supporting sustainable conservation management. The sites range from Neolithic stone circles to the coastal defences of WW2 - and the surveys include some pioneering developments.

Conserving and Managing Trees and Woodlands in Scotland's Designed Landscapes

This fully illustrated practice guide provides essential information on the effective stewardship of trees and woodlands in a designed landscape.Starting with a succinct review of the historic periods of design styles, the guidance section provides practical information on how all the tree elements can be conserved and managed.

Forests and Historic Environment: Information and Advice

A summary of what forest and woodland managers should consider in relation to the historic environment, providing links to all the sources of information that they should be aware of and how, if required, advice can be obtained from a suitable qualified archaeological professional.

Guidance for Woodland Creation and Rig and Furrow - February 2023

Guidelines for Woodland Creation and Rig and Furrow, from February 2023.

Historic Environment Resource Guide for Forest and Woodland Managers in Scotland

This resource guide has been designed as a route map to the information and advice available to forest and woodland managers in regard to the historic environment, primarily in support of the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) Guidelines on Forests and Historic Environment.

Identifying the Historic Environment in Scotland's Forests and Woodlands

This practice guide aims to help forestry and woodland managers when considering the archaeology and historic environment in their stewardship. It provides an accessible introduction to exploring 'archaeology in the field', illustrating and describing many of the more common archaeological features.

Managing the Historic Environment Case Study

These case studies highlight examples of best practice conservation management over a wide range of archaeological sites and historic landscapes and showcase the potential that the historic environment can play within Forest Plans.

Scotland's Woodlands and the Historic Environment

This document outlines how the forestry sector can tap into this rich cultural heritage and help develop historic sites - including designed landscapes and ancient woodlands.