Woodland Creation: Application Guidance

Woodland Creation: Application Guidance

Woodland creation guidance to be followed when applying for grant support to create a new woodland, to comply with the Forestry (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 for afforestation, and when you are seeking Scottish Forestry approval for a woodland compensatory planting scheme required as a condition of a planning permission.

This guidance document and the woodland creation application process has been refined and developed as a result of the James Mackinnon CBE report commissioned by Scottish Government in 2016: ‘Analysis of Current Arrangements for the Consideration and Approval of Forestry Planting Proposals.’

The most significant amendment has been to highlight the importance of stakeholder engagement, to ensure that all constraints are identified and considered, prior to committing to the submitted woodland design. Identifying and protecting key natural and cultural heritage assets is a high priority and should be progressed through a process of due diligence that is recorded and evidenced in an Issues Log.

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