The Planning System

A Forest Habitat Network for Edinburgh and Lothians

An example of how the characteristic landscape of Midlothian can be enhanced by using targeted new planting to extend the Forest Habitat Network.

Derelict and Reclaimed Land

The purpose of this instruction is to highlight the main factors that Conservancies and agents should consider when dealing with woodland creation on derelict and reclaimed sites.

Forest Design Planning

This Forestry Practice Guide supports the UK Forestry Standard, the various guidelines and other advisory material produced by Scottish Forestry.

Forest Habitat Networks and SFGS Expansion Grants

This note summarises how the Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme supports the development of new native woodland to help create Forest Habitat Networks.

Landscape Design and Presentation for Small Woodlands

The intention of this guidance note is to give practical advice on the design and presentation of small woodland proposals.

Management Plans for Semi-Natural Woodlands Under WGS

Management plan guidance and template for semi-natural woodlands.

Native Woodland Condition Surveys

The aim of this Guidance note is to introduce new survey techniques for native woodland and to explain how it should be applied in the field.

The Right Tree in the Right Place: Planning for Forestry and Woodlands

This guidance provides Scottish Government advice to planning authorities on planning for forestry and woodlands.

The UK Forestry Standard

The United Kingdom Forestry Standard (UKFS) is the reference standard for sustainable forest management in the UK. It outlines the context for forestry, sets out the approach of the UK governments to sustainable forest management, defines standards and requirements, and provides a basis for regulation and monitoring – including national and international reporting.

Urban and Peri-urban Woodland Surveying and Management Planning

Guidance note and management plan template for urban and peri-urban woodland surveying and management planning.