Forestry Grant Scheme

Sub Categories

Briefing Note 23: Update on Budget Categories and Threshold Scores

This briefing note provides an update on the FGS budget position and threshold scores for Forestry Grant Scheme applications as from 25 April 2019.

Briefing Note 25: September 2019

 Briefing Note 25: September 2019 Update on Programme for Government Funding

Briefing note 26: General update on FGS including budget categories and threshold scores

This Briefing Note provides a general update on FGS, and includes budget availability for all Forestry Grant Scheme options, as at January 2020

Briefing Note 32

This Briefing Note provides information on contract arrangements as a result of the UK leaving the EU and provides an update on FGS budget availability for new applications - as at December 2020.

Briefing Note 33: February 2021

This Briefing Note introduces temporary arrangements for the Forestry Grant Scheme during early 2021 - Feb 2021.

Briefing Note 38: New Guidance on Cultivation for Upland Woodland Creation Sites

This briefing note introduces new applicant’s guidance on cultivation for upland woodland creation sites.

Briefing note 39 - Stocking density survey reporting

 This Briefing Note introduces stocking density assessment and updates FGS budget availability – September 2021.

Briefing Note 3: Prior Notification of Forestry Tracks/Private Ways

The purpose of this briefing note is to help identify and outline how the alignment of information required by different consenting regimes might best be done to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders so as to minimise duplication and optimise efficient administration for all concerned.

Briefing Note 40: Budget and Monitoring Returns

Forestry Grant Scheme briefing note 40: Budget and Monitoring Returns - November 2021.

Briefing Note 43 - Claims and Budget Update - Dec 2022

This briefing note (December 2022) highlights key actions and dates for 2022 FGS claims and updates FGS budget availability for new applications.