Gamification within Plant Health in the Forestry Commission

The aim of this joint-University of Stirling and Forestry Commission (FC) work is to raise the awareness and identify possible applications of gamification from a plant health perspective. To achieve this, the note describes the concept of gamification, builds upon feedback gained from a workshop hosted on gamification by the FC, and presents the results of a plant health gamification competition held at the University of Stirling. Gamification provides an exciting and novel approach to tackling plant health issues and is a way of capitalising on the popularity of games to achieve other desired objectives.

Scoping a Woodland Impact Rating

Impact investment is a relatively new approach in which investors seek social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This report explores different approaches to measuring and reporting the social and environmental impacts of woodlands, including the role that rating is playing in attracting a wider audience of investors, and makes recommendations on future strategy with regards to impact investment in relation to woodland.