For your Woodland Grazing Plan to meet your management objectives, you need to know the current impact of wild herbivores on your woodland.

It is possible that goats, hares or rabbits may be present. Deer will almost certainly be present and may even be present if the woodland is deer-fenced. When working out your woodland grazing regime you must have an idea of how many deer there are in the wood and how many deer you hope to have during the lifetime of the grazing plan. It is not essential to have a formal deer management plan but it would be very useful and it may be required if you are applying for grant assistance.

The minimum you will need in order to complete your Woodland Grazing Plan is a good idea of current deer numbers.

Useful information on deer management

Relative impacts of stock and wild herbivores

If your wood is already grazed by livestock it may not be easy to work out the relative impacts of stock and wild herbivores. The guidance notes below will give you more information to help with this process.