About us

We are the Scottish Government agency responsible for forestry policy, support and regulations. 

We never lose sight of the fact that we can shape decisions that will positively impact the lives of people in Scotland. Diverse and versatile forests are located across Scotland, and they can make a significant difference in reducing inequalities. Forest and woodland spaces that are accessible for all abilities can increase social inclusion, areas for exercise and recreation can reduce health inequalities and the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Scottish Forestry is committed to our employees, ensuring that their working environment is one where they can bring their whole self to work and have a sense of belonging. We're committed to ensuring that we reach and represent Scotland’s diverse population, and to advancing equality of opportunity. We're working to eliminate unlawful discrimination and to foster good relations between different groups.

Equality Mainstreaming Report

Our Equality Mainstreaming Reports looks back on our recent progress on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our most recent report demonstrates the enthusiasm and individual contributions that go to make Scottish Forestry a more inclusive and rewarding place to work. More LGBT+ and Minority Ethnic colleagues are comfortable in sharing who they are, and this is the culture we want to foster. We now have access to 25 Menopause Champions and hybrid working to promote a healthy work life balance.

Looking forward, we will embed our five new equality outcomes into our work, including in the development of our Leadership and Management programmes. We will continue to work in partnership to challenge the misconceptions of forestry as a male-dominated environment.

Equality outcomes

  1. By 2027, our workforce will better reflect the diversity of Scotland’s working age population.
  2. We will increase the number of staff sharing their equality data.
  3. Staff from all equality groups will feel increasingly safe and included.
  4. Our policies, processes and practices continue to have a positive impact on equality and people from and across protected characteristics.
  5. We will improve engagement with the communities we serve to enable a wider sector of society and under-represented groups to enjoy the benefits and opportunities that our woods and forests provide, particularly those close to where they live.

Equality Impact Assessments

An Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) is a way of understanding the impact of changes that may affect our workforce or members of the public.

By completing EqIAs we can ensure we:

  • are able to deliver a first class service that meets the needs of our customers
  • are aware of and understand the communities we serve
  • encourage new customers from diverse backgrounds to use our services
  • meet the aims of the General Duties of the Equality Act 2010

We know it’s important to talk to people who do, or might, use our services to deliver the best and most inclusive services that we can.


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