About the National Stakeholder Group

The National Stakeholder Group helps inform Scottish Government development of strategic policy issues influencing the implementation of forestry strategy objectives, forestry targets and connected Scottish Government outcomes.

The group act as an advisory forum for Scottish Government, rather than a decision-making body, and will discuss:

  • strategic issues that influence the Scottish Government’s long-term vision for forestry
  • Scottish Government outcomes and delivery of climate change, biodiversity and forestry targets
  • the implementation, monitoring, and statutory reporting of Scotland’s forestry strategy

National Stakeholder Group discussions will help shape the long-term strategic issues that will inform the future of forestry in Scotland.

Terms of reference

View the National Stakeholder Group's terms of reference.

Group members

The core group is made up of members from public bodies and private organisations from across the forest, environment, and land use sector. A list of members can be found in the Terms of Reference. Additional organisations or experts may be invited to join the group or to participate in specific meetings depending on the issues to be discussed.

Group meetings

The group will meet 2-3 times a year.

View notes from the group's meetings.