What is the Map Viewer?

Map Viewer allows you to explore and discover information about Scotland’s woodlands and forests. Within the application, you can select from many different map layers including:

  • areas benefiting from Forestry Grant Scheme funding
  • Forestry Grant Scheme target and eligibility areas
  • felling permission
  • forest plans
  • Legacy Grant Scheme approvals

Why use the Map Viewer? 

Map Viewer is used for a wide variety of tasks including:

  • looking at where we've approved forestry activities in your area
  • checking to see the location of our target and eligibility areas in relation to the Forestry Grant Scheme
  • looking back at our older grant scheme data to see where we've approved activity in the past
Most of our datasets can be downloaded for analysis or use in your own applications. Visit our 'Open Data portal' for more details.
If you want to carry out a map based search in relation to a grant application then visit our 'Land Information Search'.

Contact us

Contact us if you experience any problems while using Map Viewer.