What is the Forestry Grant Scheme?

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) offers financial support for the creation of new woodland and the sustainable management of existing woodland. Within the scheme, there are a range of support options covering planting, woodland protection, harvesting and more.

Summaries of the grant options available can be found in:

How to apply

Visit the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Services website to find out more about the scheme and apply for a grant.

You'll also find full guidance on how to make an application.

Forestry Grant Scheme updates

Below you will find formal updates released during the grant scheme lifecycle.

  • This briefing note (March 2024) provides an update on the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) Budget for 2024/25 and budget availability for new FGS applications.
  • This briefing note (February 2024) provides information on the Forestry Grant Scheme Budget and end of Claim year Management.
  • This briefing note (December 2023) provides information on Forestry Grant Scheme Ongoing Enhancements which are designed to aid the delivery of woodland creation and work to restore and regenerate Scotland’s Rainforest and Caledonian Pinewoods.
  • This briefing note (September 2023) provides an update on FGS budget availability for new applications.
  • This briefing note (December 2022) highlights key actions and dates for 2022 FGS claims and updates FGS budget availability for new applications.
  • This briefing note (August 2022) introduces new FGS capital items for woodland creation establishment operations. 
  • This briefing note (February 2022) announces arrangements for 2021 claim year capital claims processing and updates the FGS budget.
  • This briefing note (November 2021) updates FGS budget availability for new applications and highlights key dates for 2021 Sustainable Monitoring of Forests (SMF) returns.
  • This briefing note (September 2021) introduces stocking density assessment and updates FGS budget availability.
  • This briefing note (December 2020) provides information on contract arrangements as a result of the UK leaving the EU and provides an update on FGS budget availability for new applications.

Visit our 'Publications Library' for previous updates.

Customer charter

The FGS Customer Charter sets out the Customer Service Standards for our handling of FGS applications.

Review of forestry planting approval procedures  

A review of forestry planting approval procedures was designed to reduce the complexity, duration and cost of tree planting applications.

Key achievements

Significant progress has been made to deliver the 21 recommendations of the review. Some of the highlights are:

  • an improved pre-application and consultation process including revised protocols between Scottish Forestry and 3 public bodies:
  • improvements to how we manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process through threshold changes and a strengthened team dealing with complex cases and EIA casework
  • an improved approvals process and better promotion of the grant scheme, with new guidance to support applicants and training devised to support the sector and staff
  • improved management reports published to provide clearer information related to volume of woodland creation
  • potential for large-planting schemes with four local authorities

Forestry Grant Scheme statistics

Visit our 'Publications Library' to view FGS statistics and clearing round results.

Alternatively, you can visit the Forest Research website for annual national statistics on forestry.


Contact us if you've a question about the FGS.

Contact your local Agriculture and Rural Economy office if your question relates to registering for the Rural Payments website.