What is the Small Woodland Loan Scheme (SWLS)?

The SWLS  is a loan to allow you to carry out the work required to create new, small woodlands before you get financial support from the Forestry Grant Scheme.

Am I eligible?

This scheme is only available for new applications to the Forestry Grant Scheme.

To be eligible for the SWLS, you must meet the woodland creation eligibility criteria.

Please note, your application for the SWLS can be no greater than 50 hectares.

How much can I get? 

You'll get 50% of the value of the capital items in your approved Forestry Grant Scheme contract to a maximum of £40,000.

Please note, if you secure a loan against a Forestry Grant Scheme contract, you'll only be able to claim the Forestry Grant Scheme capital items in one claim. Please consider this rule carefully if your application size is between 20 and 50 hectares and you're getting the maximum loan and only one capital payment as this may not give you as much financial support as the current claim rules for the Forestry Grant Scheme.

How to apply 

To apply, you can ‘opt in’ on the appropriate section within your Woodland Creation Operational Plan - a mandatory document you need to submit when you apply for the Forestry Grant Scheme.  

Visit the 'Forestry Grant Scheme' web page for more information.

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