What is the Integrating Trees Network (ITN)?

More and more farmers in Scottish agriculture are realising the benefits that trees can bring to their farming businesses.

The Integrating Trees Network (ITN) is a farmer-led initiative which aims to encourage more farmers and crofters to plant trees. The network helps raise awareness of the multiple benefits that planting trees can bring to agricultural businesses, be it:

  • providing shelter for livestock
  • improving productivity
  • diversifying income streams
  • creating habitat for wildlife
  • reducing their carbon footprint

Network farmers and crofters across Scotland host events and provide an informative and supportive network for other farmers and crofters who are considering planting trees. 

This brings people together, through online and in person events, to share: 

  • practical knowledge
  • experiences and advice about the processes
  • the practicalities of accessing funding and other challenges
  • common objectives and outcomes of planting trees

The Integrating Trees Network is managed by Scottish Forestry and the Scottish Government.

Our events

You can sign up for all of our upcoming events on TicketTailor, for free. 

Event summaries and presentations

  1. Woodland Creation for Biodiversity – What to consider?
  2. Why Shelterbelts? A useful presentation on Shelterbelts by SAC Consulting.

Why Trees? The benefits for your business, your community and the environment

Have you ever wondered what trees could do for your farm or croft? This handy document sets out a concise summary of all the many benefits trees can provide for your business and for the environment as well as offering the key information you need to know about planting and managing trees. 

Host farmer case studies

A range of host farmer case studies are available, including:

Common grant questions and useful links

We've also listed a few common grants questions and a list of useful links

Any questions?

Please do get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you:

  • have any questions about the network
  • would like to share ideas about the type of events you'd like us to focus on
  • want to know how to get involved

Integrating Trees Network Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice: Integrating Trees Network tells you what Scottish Government and Scottish Forestry will do with the personal information we collect through the Integrating Trees Network.