Gaelic Language Plan

Gaelic Language Plan: 2023 - 2028

We are committed to the role that Scottish Forestry (SF) can play in enhancing the status, supporting the usage of and development of Gaelic language skills, both to further the aims of Bòrd na Gàidhlig and to assist in the delivery of the National Gaelic Plan.

This new plan allows us to take stock of what we have achieved since becoming a Scottish Government Agency in 2019 and confirm our commitments to Gaelic for the next five years.

This plan focusses on creating communication resources across the core areas addressed in the Gaelic Language Act including:

  • ensuring Gaelic is clearly present and valued
  • ensuring staff have access to Gaelic awareness and language training throughout the period of the plan
  • promoting our Gaelic offer to the businesses, communities and individuals we work with