Sub Categories

Action for Nature on Scotland's National Forest Estate

This document outlines the wildlife and biodiversity which can be found on Scotland's national forest estate.

Scottish Biodiversity Strategy Delivery Agreement

This document describes how Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) and Forest Enterprise Scotland (now Forestry and Land Scotland) will help to deliver the priority projects in ‘Scotland’s Biodiversity – a Route map to 2020’.

Scottish Forestry Biodiversity Duty Report 2018 - 2020

This report sets out how Scottish Forestry have furthered the conservation of biodiversity during the period 2018 – 2020. 

Woods for Nature: FCS Biodiversity Programme Progress Report 2010/11

This report summarises the progress we made in implementing our Biodiversity Programme during 2010-2011. The programme was published in August 2008 and it included a commitment for Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) to publish an annual report on progress.

Woods for Nature: Next Steps

This document outlines what Forestry Commission Scotland (now Scottish Forestry) aims to do in the second phase of its biodiversity programme.

Woods for Nature: Our Biodiversity Programme 2008-2011

This publication sets out our priorities and main actions for biodiversity over the period 2008/09 to 2010/11.