Scottish Government Biomass Incentives Review: Best Use of Wood Fibre Report

Scottish Government Biomass Incentives Review: Best Use of Wood Fibre Report

This report presents an assessment of the best use of the Scottish wood resource in terms of GHG emissions, comparing utilisation of biomass for heat, combined heat and power (CHP), power and a range of wood-based products.

There is a significant potential resource of wood in Scotland for use in a variety of applications. This not only encompasses wood products and residues available from extensive commercial forestry but also waste wood from a number of companies that are closely associated with wood product processing in all its different and diverse forms. This includes clean waste wood from such processing industries and waste wood that has been contaminated during its former use. Given Scotland’s commitment to substantial reliance on renewable energy in the foreseeable future, this wood presents a prospective major source of energy, either as heat and/or electricity. However, although Scotland’s wood production is sustainable, the amount available on a regular basis is finite. Hence, it is important to ask whether there are priority applications for this substantial and sustainable yet ultimately limited source of biomass supply. In particular, it is necessary to determine whether it is better to use specific types or sources of wood for heating, or in combined heat and power (CHP) generation or in power only plants, or for the manufacture of wood-based materials.

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