The Scottish Government's Rationale for Woodland Expansion

The Scottish Government's Rationale for Woodland Expansion

This document lays out the Scottish Government’s thinking on how woodland expansion can best increase the delivery of public benefits from Scotland’s land.

The Scottish Forestry Strategy sets out an ambition to increase Scotland’s woodland cover.

The Strategy identifies a number of woodland creation priorities for Scotland:

Helping to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon sequestration, timber and fuel production. 

  • Restoring lost habitats and adapting to climate change. Forest habitat networks and new native woodlands. 
  • Helping to manage ecosystem services. Sustainable flood management, and protection of soil and water resources. 
  • Underpinning a sustainable forest products industry. Consistent and reliable timber supply for timber processing and wood fuel investments. 
  • Supporting rural development. Supporting local businesses and farm diversification. 
  • Providing community benefits. Provision of welcoming and well-managed woodlands in and around communities and where health and community need is greatest. 
  • Enhancing urban areas and improving landscapes. Improving derelict, underused and neglected land, improving degraded or unsightly environments and diversifying farmed landscapes.

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