What is the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) woodland creation and tree Felling Permission applications register?

This register contains details FGS applications for woodland creation and agroforestry, and tree Felling Permission applications.

Applications that appear on this register

The types of applications displayed (when we're prepared to approve them) are:

  • FGS woodland creation
  • FGS agroforestry
  • Amendment to FGS woodland creation
  • Amendment to FGS agroforestry
  • Tree felling permission

Information displayed on the register

The register of grant schemes shows:

  • Case reference number with a link to a map or details of the proposal
  • Property name
  • Case type
  • Total area
  • Conifer (based upon option area)
  • Broadleaf (based upon option area)
  • Status
  • Conservancy
  • Local authority
  • Nearest town
  • Grid reference
  • End date

Felling permission

Tree Felling Permission applications are displayed on the register with status 'Open for Comment'.

FGS woodland creation and agroforestry options

These proposals for new woodland are displayed on the register if the area of the new woodland options within a proposal is greater than 2 hectares.

Applications are displayed with status 'Open for Comment'.

How to get details of an application

Contact your local office with the application reference number to get more details of cases on this register.

Please note, we may charged a fee for copies if they're large or needed regularly.

How and when to submit comments

Details about the applications  are displayed on this register for 28 days from the date they first appear. Please submit your comments about applications during this period to the relevant local office by email or in writing.

As part of the approval process we consider all comments received in consultation with the applicant. If necessary the proposal may be amended or rejected.

View the FGS woodland creation and tree Felling Permission applications register