Your application

To find out if you need our consent to start work you need to complete a screening opinion request form:

Supporting documents

As well as your application you should include: 

  • a plan or map (such as an Ordnance Survey scaled between 1:10,000 to 1:2,500) to identify the land and the extent of the project proposal
  • a description of the proposed work
  • a description of the environment likely to be significantly affected by the project
  • any proposed measures to avoid or prevent significant adverse effects on the environment
  • other information that might be relevant such as an issues log or any action taken to give a basis for stakeholder engagement and discussions with the Woodland Officer

Please note, you can also send us a copy of your grant scheme application or felling permission application with a map.

View our screening selection criteria for more information on what you need when seeking a screening opinion.

Submit your application

Once you've completed your application, send it and any supporting documentation to your local office.

When you can expect a decision

We can only make a decision when we've all the relevant information and we might ask you for more information in addition to what you've already given us.

Decisions are made within 28 days of receiving all the information needed but we might ask you to agree to a longer period.

If consent isn't needed, then you can start work or we'll continue to process your application for grant aid and/or felling permission in the normal way.

If consent is needed, then you must submit an application for consent if you wish to proceed with the work.